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    Malcolm Troup

    Malcolm Troup. Pianist, teacher, b Toronto 22 Feb 1930; PH D musicology (York, England) 1968, honorary LL D (Memorial) 1985. He studied under Norman Wilks and Alberto Guerrero at the RCMT and made his debut at 17 with a CBC Toronto orchestra playing Rubinstein's Concerto in D.

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    Marc-Adélard Tremblay

    Marc-Adélard Tremblay, OC, GOQ, FRSC, professor of anthropology (born 24 April 1922 in Les Éboulements, QC; died 20 March 2014 in Quebec City, QC).

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    Marc Bélanger

    (Joseph Charles) Marc Bélanger. Violinist, violist, arranger, composer, teacher, b Quebec City 30 Jul 1940; premier prix harmony, chamber music (CMQ) 1960. He began violin lessons with his father, Edwin Bélanger, at six, and studied 1948-61 at the CMQ with Claude Létourneau and Calvin Sieb.

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    Marc David

    Marc David. Conductor, teacher, b Kingston, Ont, 26 Aug 1958; B MUS theory (McGill) 1983. After taking courses in violin, guitar, trombone, and piano he devoted himself to trombone and conducting.during his studies at McGill University.

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    Marc Durand

    Marc Durand. Pianist, teacher, b St-Samuel, Que, 28 Aug 1949; B MUS (Montreal) 1969, M MUS (Montreal) 1970, Concert Diploma (Sherbrooke) 1972, M MUS (Temple, Philadelphia) 1975.

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    Marc Gagné

    Marc Gagné. Composer, writer, ethnomusicologist, organist, teacher, b Saint-Joseph de Beauce, Que, 16 Dec 1939; D.èsL. (Laval) 1971.

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    Marcel Baillargeon

    Marcel Baillargeon. Flutist, teacher, b Montreal 6 Oct 1928; premier prix flute (CMM) 1949. He studied piano with Oscar O'Brien and at 15 entered the CMM, where his teachers were Auguste Descarries and Yvonne Hubert.

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    Marcel Laurencelle

    Marcel Laurencelle. Choir conductor, teacher, b Montreal 15 Jan 1914, d there 16 Aug 1991.

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    Marcel Saint-Cyr

    Marcel Saint-Cyr. Cellist, viola da gamba and baryton player, teacher, b Quebec City, 20 May 1938; premier prix cello (CMQ) 1961, BA (Laval) 1961, concert diploma (Staatliche Hochschule für Musik, Karlsruhe, Germany) 1964.

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    Marcel Saucier

    Marcel Saucier. Violinist, teacher, b Montreal 6 Nov 1912; lauréat (Montreal) 1935, teaching certificate (Montreal) 1950, B MUS (Montreal) 1951. On his mother's side he was a cousin of Father Alphonse Tardif.

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    Marcel Trudel

    Marcel Trudel, historian (born at St-Narcisse, Qué 29 May 1917; died at Longueuil, Qué 11 Jan 2011), one of the masters of contemporary Québec historiography. He shaped generations of historians, first at Laval (1947-65), briefly at Carleton University and then at Ottawa University (1966-82).

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    Marcelle Corneille

    Marcelle (Sister Saint-Armand-Marie) Corneille. Administrator, educator, b Montreal 27 Jan 1923; B MUS (Montreal) 1952, L MUS (Montreal) 1960. She entered the order of the Sisters of the Congregation of Notre-Dame in 1943.

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    Marcelle Deschênes

    Marcelle Deschênes. Composer, teacher b Price, near Rimouski, Que, 2 Mar 1939; B MUS (Montreal) 1965, L MUS (Montreal) 1967. At the University of Montreal she studied 1963-7 with Jean Papineau-Couture and Serge Garant.

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    Marcelle Gauvreau

    Marcelle Gauvreau, Quebec scientist, botanist, educator, administrator, writer and journalist (born 28 February 1907 in Rimouski, QC; died 16 December 1968 in Montreal, QC). A botanist by profession, Marcelle Gauvreau made her mark as a teacher, writer, journalist, administrator and faithful collaborator of Frère Marie-Victorin (Conrad Kirouac). Through her books, articles, talks, the school she established, and her desire to promote public interest in plant life, she encouraged many Quebecers to learn about plants and to love nature in the 20th century.

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    Marcelle Guertin

    Marcelle Guertin. Teacher, musicologist, pianist, b Montreal, 28 Sep 1949; B MUS piano (Montreal) 1971, MA musicology (Montreal) 1976, diplôme d'études approfondies theater and cinema (Paris) 1982, PH D. musicology (Laval) 1985.

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