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    Alicia Birkett

    Alicia Birkett. Teacher, soprano, b England, d Consett, County Durham, England, 31 Oct 1965.

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    Alvaro Pierri

    Alvaro Pierri. Guitarist, teacher, b Montevideo, Uruguay, 18 Jan 1953. Born into a family of musicians, he began studying piano at four with his mother, Ada Estades, and one year later he began taking guitar lessons with his aunt, Olga Pierri.

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    Alvin Hamilton

    Francis Alvin George Hamilton, teacher, politician (b at Kenora, Ont 30 Mar 1912). An enthusiastic supporter of the Diefenbaker government's "Northern Vision" and an idea man in Cabinet, Hamilton was also a spokesman for Western agriculture.

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    Alvin Reimer

    Alvin (Harry) Reimer. Bass, teacher, b Winkler, Man, 5 Jun 1940; Bachelor of Religious Education and Diploma, Sacred Music (Mennonite Brethren Bible College) 1965, BA (Waterloo Lutheran) 1968, Künstlerische Reifeprüfung (Academy of Music, Detmold) 1978.

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    Amédée Tremblay

    (Pierre-Joseph) Amédée Tremblay. Organist, composer, teacher, b Montreal 14 Apr 1876, d Los Angeles 1949. He began study at 12 with Father Sauvé, the organist at St-Joseph Church, Montreal, continuing with Alcibiade Béique (piano and organ) and Father Cléophas Borduas (Gregorian chant).

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    André-Sébastien Savoie

    André-Sébastien Savoie. Pianist, accompanist, coach, teacher, b Montreal 25 Jul 1935. At first a pupil of Charles Reiner, André-Sébastien Savoie continued his studies 1952-8 at the McGill Conservatory.

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    Andrée Desautels

    (Marie) Andrée (Carmen) Desautels, CM, instrumentalist, musicologist, teacher (born 9 October 1923 in Montreal, QC). Andrée Desautels taught the history of music and musicology at the Connservatoire de musique du Quebec (CMM) from 1949 to 1988. She also taught at the Université de Montréal, the École Vincent-d’Indy, and the international Sessions of the Château d’Argenteuil in Brussels, Belgium, and is credited with introducing the ondes Martenot to Canada. She was also active in Youth and Music Canada (JMC) and was responsible for programming the organization’s performances at Expo 67. She was made a Member of the Order of Canada for being “the first Francophone to write about music in Canada” and for “pav[ing] the way for many researchers in this field.”

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    Andrew Smith

    Andrew Smith, veterinarian, educator (born 12 July 1834 in Dalrymple, Scotland; died 15 August 1910 in Toronto, ON).

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    Angela Sidney (Stóow Ch’óonehte’ Máa)

    Angela Sidney (née Johns), (Stóow Ch’óonehte’ Máa), CM, Elder, storyteller, author (born 4 January 1902 near Carcross, YT; died 17 July 1991 in Whitehorse, YT). Of Tagish and Tlingit descent, Sidney was one of the last fluent speakers of the Tagish language. A storyteller, Sidney recorded and preserved the stories, traditions, languages, place names and genealogies of her people. She was the first Indigenous woman from Yukon to be appointed to the Order of Canada.

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    Angelo Read

    Angelo (McCallum) Read. Teacher, composer, organist, b near St Catharines, Canada West (Ontario), 22 May 1854, d Port Maitland, Ont, 15 Jul 1926. His early musical training took place in St Catharines and in the USA.

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    Anisia Campos

    Anisia Campos. Pianist, teacher, b Rio de Janeiro 1940, naturalized Canadian 1971. Anisia Campos graduated from l'École normale de musique in Paris (where she studied with Alfred Cortot and Reine Gianoli) and from the Salzbourg Mozarteum, where she worked with the well-known pedagogue Karl Leimer.

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    Ann Burrows

    (Barbara) Ann Burrows. Teacher, critic, b Entrance, west of Edmonton, 16 Jul 1922; ARCM 1945, M MUS (Indiana) 1964, honorary LL D (Alberta) 1987. Her teachers included Frank Merrick and Frank Howes at the RCM 1942-6, Boris Roubakine in Banff, and Raymond Dudley and György Sebök at Indiana U.

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    Ann Golden

    Ann (Frances) Golden. Contralto, teacher, b Ottawa; L MUS (McGill) 1958, B MUS (McGill) 1968. Among her singing teachers at the École Vincent-d'Indy and McGill University were Bernard Diamant and Jan Simons.

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    Anna Malenfant

    Anna Malenfant, contralto, composer (under the name of Marie Lebrun), teacher (born 16 October 1902 in Shediac, NB; died 15 June 1988 in Montreal, QC). Honorary D MUS (Moncton) 1975.

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    Anna-Marie Globenski

    Anna-Marie Globenski. Pianist, teacher, born St-Barthélémé, Que, 2 Jul 1929, died 8 Sep 2008; B MUS (Montreal) 1949, M MUS piano (Montreal) 1951, M MUS (Indiana), 1967, D MUS (Indiana) 1982.

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