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    Joseph-Arthur Bernier

    Joseph-Arthur Bernier. Organist, pianist, teacher, composer, b Lévis, near Quebec City, 19 Mar 1877, d Quebec City 28 Apr 1944; honorary D MUS (Washington College of Music) 1931.

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    Joseph-Clovis-Kemner Laflamme

    Joseph-Clovis-Kemner Laflamme, priest, educator, scientist (b at St-Anselme, Canada E 18 Sept 1849; d at Québec C 6 July 1910). After studying at the SÉMINAIRE DE QUÉBEC and later spending periods at Harvard and in Europe, Laflamme became professor of geology and mineralogy at Laval in 1870.

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    Joseph-Élie Savaria

    Joseph-Élie Savaria. Organist, teacher, b Lachine, near Montreal, 16 Dec 1886, d Montreal 4 Oct 1973; lauréat (AMQ) 1903. He studied piano, solfège, and harmony with Jean-Noël Charbonneau.

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    Joseph Francis Dion

    Joseph Francis Dion, Métis leader, political organizer, and teacher (born 2 July 1888 near Onion Lake, SK; died 21 December 1960 in Bonnyville, AB). Dion was central to the shaping of modern Indigenous political organizations on the Prairies. He became a farmer (1903) and teacher on the Kehewin reserve (1916-40). In the 1930s he worked with Jim Brady and  Malcolm Norris  to found what is now the Métis Nation of Alberta (1932; president, 1932-58) and the Indian Association of Alberta (1939). Serving in the executives of First Nations, Métis and Roman Catholic Church organizations, he travelled, lectured, recorded living traditions (published as  My Tribe the Crees, 1979) and managed a Métis dance troupe. A relatively conservative reformer, Dion promoted the idea of Indigenous self-help through local agricultural development and the preservation of traditional culture.

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    Joseph-Marcel-Rodolphe Plamondon

    Joseph-Marcel-Rodolphe Plamondon, tenor, teacher (b at Montréal 18 Jan 1876; d there 28 Jan 1940).

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    Joseph Marshall de Brett Maréchal, 2nd Baron d'Avray

    Joseph Marshall de Brett Maréchal d'Avray, 2nd Baron, educator, journalist (b at London, Eng 30 Nov 1811; d at Fredericton 26 Nov 1871).

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    Josèphe Colle

    Josèphe Colle. Soprano, teacher, b Nancy, France, 24 Aug 1929, naturalized Canadian 1958; BA, psychology (Montreal) 1955; premier prix, analysis and musical aesthetics (Cons national, Paris) 1956.

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    Josephte Dufresne

    Josephte Dufresne. Pianist, teacher (Trois-Rivières, Québec, January 9, 1929 - Ste-Hyacinthe, Québec, February 7, 1995). She studied piano in Trois-Rivières and Montreal with Jean-Marie Beaudet and, thanks to the Prix d'Europe (1950), in Paris with Yves Nat.

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    Judith Fraser

    Judith (Anne) Fraser. Cellist, teacher, b Calgary 17 Sep 1934. She began to study cello at 10, working with Mary Short in Calgary and, after 1949, with Audrey Piggott in Vancouver.

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    Judith R. Cohen

    Judith R. Cohen. Ethnomusicologist, singer, performer on medieval and traditional folk instruments, teacher, b Montreal, 9 Dec 1949, BA (McGill) 1971, BFA (Concordia) 1975, MA (Montreal) 1980, PH D (Montreal) 1989.

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    Judy Fong Bates

    Judy Fong Bates, writer, teacher (born at Kaiping County, Guangdong, China 22 Dec 1949). Judy Fong Bates IMMIGRATED to Canada with her mother in 1955. Meeting her father in Allandale (now Barrie), Ontario, Fong Bates discovered she and her parents were the only ASIAN citizens in the area.

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    Juliette Bourassa-Trépanier

    Juliette Bourassa-Trépanier (born Bourassa), musicologist, teacher (born 22 February 1918 in Saint-Raymond de Portneuf, near Quebec City, QC; died 3 February 2024 in Quebec City). B.A. (Laval) 1938, B MUS (Laval) 1965, D MUS (Laval) 1972.

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    Juliette Gaultier de la Verendrye

    Juliette Gaultier de la Vérendrye (b Gauthier). Mezzo-soprano, ethnomusicologist, violinist, b Ottawa 7 Aug 1888, d there 21 Aug 1972. She was a younger sister of Eva Gauthier, and her professional name was derived from that of her supposed forebears.

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    Felicita Kalejs

    Felicita (Vilma) Kalejs (b Maizite). Pianist, teacher, born Riga, Latvia, 20 Oct 1911, naturalized Canadian 1955, died Wolfville, NS 1 Oct 2000.

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    Katherine Govier

    Katherine Mary Govier, CM, writer, editor, administrator, teacher (born 4 July 1948 in Edmonton, AB). Katherine Govier has published 10 novels and three short-story collections, as well as two acclaimed collections of travel writing. A Member of the Order of Canada, she has received the Toronto Book Award and the Marian Engel Award. She has served on the boards of the Toronto Arts Council, the Canadian Council for Civil Liberties and the Canadian Centre for Studies in Publishing. She has also taught at Sheridan College, Ryerson University and York University.

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