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    Laughton Bird

    (Charles) Laughton Bird. Educator, b Toronto 4 Mar 1914, d Halifax 6 Jan 1979; LTCL piano 1947, B MUS (Toronto) 1951.

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    Laure Gaudreault

    Laure Gaudreault, teacher, unionist, journalist (b at La Malbaie, Qué 25 Oct 1889; d at Clermont, Qué 19 Jan 1975). Gaudreault attended the École normale Laval and then taught in Québec village grade schools.

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    Laure Waridel

    Laure Waridel, CM, CQ, social activist, author, environmentalist, lecturer and columnist (born 10 January 1973 in Chesalles-sur-Oron, Switzerland). Regarded as one of the 25 most influential political personalities in Québec, Laure Waridel holds an honorary doctorate from the Université du Québec à Rimouski, the Insigne du mérite from the Université de Montréal, and the rank of Knight of the Order of La Pléiade. She is a co-founder of Équiterre, a Québec organization that encourages individuals and governments to make choices that are fair, ecological and consistent with the principles of solidarity. The author of a number of books and essays on environmental issues, Waridel has contributed to many magazines, such as Voir and Reader’s Digest, in addition to hosting the radio show Acheter, c’est voter on Radio-Canada. She is currently strategic advisor for CIRODD, an interdisciplinary centre for research on operationalization of sustainable development. This centre is based at Polytechnique Montréal, and its membership includes over 80 researchers.

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    Leonard Marsh

    Leonard Charles Marsh, social scientist, professor (b at London, Eng 24 Sept 1906; d at Vancouver 10 May 1982). Marsh came to Canada in 1930 after studies at the London School of Economics.

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    Leroy Little Bear

    Leroy Robert Little Bear, OC, AOE, Niitsitapi (Blackfoot) educator, lawyer, advocate, speaker, author, political activist (born c. 1943 at Blood Indian Reserve, AB). Leroy Little Bear has advised the United Nations, many First Nations and the federal and provincial governments on matters related to the constitution, Indigenous Title, justice and the restoration of the buffalo.

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    Leslie Armour

    Leslie Armour, philosopher (b at New Westminster, BC 6 Mar 1931). Armour, with a BA from the University of British Columbia (1952) and a PhD from the University of London (1956), taught PHILOSOPHY first in the US, then at Waterloo and at the University of Ottawa (since 1977).

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    Lillian Elias

    Lillian Elias (whose Inuvialuktun name is Panigavluk), ONWT, teacher, language activist (born 1943 in the Mackenzie Delta, NT). Influenced by her time at residential school, where administrators attempted to forcefully strip her of her language and culture, Lillian Elias has spent much of her life promoting and preserving her first language, Inuvialuktun (see Inuvialuit).

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    Lloyd Montgomery Pidgeon

    Lloyd Montgomery Pidgeon, OC, chemist (born 3 December 1903 in Markham, ON; died 9 December 1999).

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    Lloyd Slind

    Lloyd Slind (Hilmer). Educator, b Dahlton, near Saskatoon, 21 Jun 1910, d Vancouver 2 Jan 2004; B SC (Saskatchewan) 1933, B MUS (Montreal) 1947, LRSM 1948, D ED (Florida State) 1955.

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    Lois Birkenshaw-Fleming

    Lois Isobel Birkenshaw-Fleming (née Sutherland), educator, author (born 8 October 1928 in Toronto, ON; died 11 March 2015 in Toronto). ARCT 1948, BA (Toronto) 1951.

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    Lois Choksy

    Lois (b Dowell) Choksy. Teacher, administrator, b Baltimore, Md, 30 Jun 1928, naturalized Canadian 1983; B SC music education (Peabody Cons) 1958, M SC music education (Wisconsin) 1962, Kodály certificate (Liszt Academy, Budapest) 1971, certificate in aesthetics (Massachusetts) 1972.

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    Lola MacQuarrie

    Lola (Frances Lane) MacQuarrie (b Smith). Educator, writer, b Winnipeg 30 Dec 1909, d there 24 Jan 1966; B SC (Manitoba) 1931. She was steadily involved in Winnipeg musical life after 1920, notably in the 1940s as choir director at Daniel McIntyre High School.

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    Loring Woart Bailey

    Loring Woart Bailey, geologist, educator (b at West Point, NY 28 Sept 1839; d at Fredericton 10 Jan 1925). Son of a professor at the US Military Academy, Bailey was educated at Harvard and Brown and knew many important scientists.

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    Louis Cyr (Musicologist)

    Louis Cyr. Musicologist, teacher, b Saint John, NB, 29 Oct 1936; B MUS (St-Louis, Edmundston) 1954, ARCT 1957, BA (St-Louis, Edmundston) 1957, L PH (Montreal) 1961, L TH (Montreal) 1965, MA musicology (Frankfurt) 1980.

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    Louisa Paquin

    Louisa (Sister Marie-Valentine) Paquin. Lexicographer, teacher, b St-Barthélémy, Que, 23 Jan 1865, d Lachine, near Montreal, 9 Jun 1950; honD MUS (Montreal) 1937.

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