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    Marcelle Martin

    Marcelle Martin, organist, pianist, teacher (born 19 August 1917 in Montréal, QC; died 3 November 2014 in Montréal).

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    Marcus Adeney

    Marcus Adeney. Cellist, writer, teacher, b London 1 Jul 1900, naturalized Canadian 1904, d Toronto 2 Mar 1998. As a child he studied violin with his mother, Ethelwyn Davies Adeney, a music teacher and a cousin of (Sir) Walford Davies. He began cello studies in Hamilton with J.

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    Marek Jablonski

    Marek Jablonski. Pianist, teacher, b Krakow, Poland, 5 Nov 1939, d Edmonton 8 May 1999. He studied at the Krakow Conservatory when he was six. His family settled in Edmonton in 1949, but it was in Calgary and Banff during the summers that he continued his piano studies with Gladys Egbert.

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    Margaret Anchoretta Ormsby

    Margaret Anchoretta Ormsby, historian, educator (b at Quesnel, BC 7 June 1909; d near Coldstream, BC 2 Nov 1996).

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    Margaret Christakos

    Margaret Christakos, poet, novelist, editor, teacher (b at Sudbury, Ontario 1962). Margaret Christakos is an award winning, internationally recognized experimental writer who works in both poetry and prose.

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    Margaret Huston

    Margaret Huston (b Houghston). Mezzo-soprano, teacher, b Toronto ca 1878, d near Greenwich, Conn, 1 Aug 1942. She was an elder sister of the actor Walter Huston.

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    Margaret MacMillan

    Margaret Olwen MacMillan, historian, author (born 23 December 1943 in Toronto, Ontario). Margaret MacMillan is professor emerita of history at the University of Toronto and international history at the University of Oxford. Her bestselling 2001 book, Paris 1919, examines the lasting impact of the Paris Peace Conference at the end of the First World War. She continues to write about the role of war and peacemaking on human society.

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    Margaret Miller Brown

    Margaret Miller Brown. Pianist, teacher, b Owen Sound, Ont, 22 Apr 1903, d there 15 Feb 1970. Born into a musical family, she studied in her hometown, in Toronto with Frank Welsman and Mona Bates, and in New York with Ernest Hutcheson.

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    Margaret Parsons-Poole

    Margaret Elizabeth Parsons, pianist, teacher (born 26 October 1914 in Hanna, AB; died 17 July 1991 in Toronto, ON). LRSM 1927, LAB 1929, ATCM 1931, LTCM 1932. 

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    Margaret Somerville

    Margaret Somerville, ethicist, legal scholar, writer (b at Adelaide, Australia, 1942). Margaret Somerville completed her first degree, in Pharmacy, at the University of Adelaide in 1963.

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    Margo MacKinnon

    Margo (Christine) MacKinnon. Soprano, teacher, b Windsor, Ont, 21 Apr 1931; ARCT 1948, B MUS (Toronto) 1951; Artist Diploma (Toronto) 1954. She sang on radio station WJR in Detroit when she was about 14.

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    Marguerite Gignac

    Marguerite Marie Gignac, soprano, teacher (born 17 July 1928 in Windsor, ON; died 4 May 2022 in Maplewood, Minnesota). Artist Diploma (RCMT) 1951, DMA (Michigan) 1989. She studied 1939-48 at the Music School of the Ursulines in Windsor and then enrolled at the RCMT, where she worked with Ernesto Vinci; during the summers 1950-2 she was a pupil of Edith Piper at the Juilliard School in New York. She was organist 1943-7 at Sacré-Coeur Church in LaSalle, Ont.

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    Marguerite Pâquet

    (Jeanne Mathilde) Marguerite Pâquet. Contralto, teacher, b Quebec City 10 Nov 1916, d there 29 Nov 1981; B MUS (Laval) 1939. She began to study voice with Sister Saint-Jean-de-l'Eucharistie at the Collège Jésus-Marie de Sillery and at the same time performed as a soloist at St-Dominique Church.

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    Marian Grudeff

    Marian (b Marion) Grudeff. Pianist, composer, teacher, b Toronto, of Bulgarian parents, 18 Apr 1927, d Toronto 4 Nov 2006.

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    Marie Battiste

    Marie Ann Battiste, OC, FRSC, Mi’kmaw educator, professor, activist (born 1949 in Houlton, Maine). Marie Battiste is from Potlotek First Nation, Nova Scotia. She is also a member of the Aroostook Band of Micmacs, Maine. She is one of four children of Mi’kmaw parents Annie and John Battiste. The family lived in Houlton, Maine where John and Annie worked. Battiste has degrees from Harvard and Stanford universities. She is a highly regarded intellectual leader and speaker. Her research and scholarship promote the protection of Indigenous knowledges, the reclamation of Indigenous languages and cultures and the balancing of diverse knowledge systems. She and her husband, James Youngblood Henderson (Sa’ke’j), have three children and a grandson.

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